Wednesday, January 20, 2016

**Farm-to-School at JES**

What did we accomplish last year?

  • Started our monthly all school food lessons, cooking show style!  These are connected to the food of the month and the taste tests.
  • Held our 1st annual Farm to School Fun Run/ 5K in the spring to celebrate and raise funds for our Farm to School Program.
  • Acquired a mobile cooking cart that can be used in the classrooms.
  • Used our new garden benches and the garden as an outdoor garden classroom.
  • Held our 2nd annual HARVEST DINNER and STONE SOUP to celebrate Farm-to-School and our JES Community.
  • Held our 2nd annual GARDEN DAY in the spring, starting the day with all-school meeting in the garden to break ground for spring planting.  Then all of the classes worked in the garden throughout the day.
  • Spent more time in the garden doing a variety of activities.
  • Grew herbs, greens and garden starts in our new, indoor grow stations.
  • Enjoyed our new round tables in the cafeteria.
  • Developed Farm to School curriculum over the summer to be incorporated at each grade level.
  • Continued having taste tests twice a month, prepared by the STUDENTS.
  • Harvested and ate vegetables from our garden.
  • Were recognized for the work we’ve done as part of the
Eat Well, Play More Grant.

What are our goals for this year?

  • Continue taste tests and food lessons, encouraging the consumption of more healthy foods by our students.
  • Feature more local foods on our menu and veggie bar.
  • Increase student time in the garden.
  • Grow basil inside over the winter for our pesto pizza.
  • Grow greens over the winter in our indoor grow stations.
  • Continue Harvest Dinner (Nov 12th), Fun Run and Garden Day (in the Spring).
  • Incorporate farm field trips and farmer connection, connecting to our new curriculum that we will implement.
  • Develop ways to use our mobile cooking cart.
  • Offer a Farm to School Celebration Dinner before Arts Night
  • And more!  
  • Contact or Nurse Amy to get involved.